Our Team

"To bring a lifestyle evolution, we need the brightest mind."

Jo Wang · Product Designer

Jo Wang

Product Designer

Observant · Creative · Navigational · Visual Storytelling Jeti · Concepting Magician

“InnovArt Design” is a phrase, “InnovArt” is a word when innovation meets fine craft, with the understanding of people and the environment; “Design” live among us, everything we see, everything we touch has its own story. “InnovArt Design”, create fun and thoughtful solution by observing every detail in our living space in form, function and emotion.

If I can use my imagination to make it a reality in the blink of an eye, then I would love to create more design solutions to help people and bring peace of mind.

Ming Reng Wu · Marketing Director

Ming Reng Wu

Marketing Director

Master Strategist · Digital Nomad · Smooth Talker · Ability to see into the future

InnovArt Design is a place where like minded individuals with a passion for design and technology come together to change the world!

The ability to fly, because walking and driving are overrated. Look Ma! I can fly!

Veronica Wagenet · Marketing Lead/ UX Strategist

Veronica Wagenet

Marketing Lead/ UX Strategist

Social Strategist · Content Designer · User Experience Researcher · English Copy Wiz · Mind reader

InnovArt Design means innovation by design. Founded by a top designer, our products are carefully designed with people in mind.

The ability to make anyone feel happiness because there are too many angry and depressed people in this world. Peace always.

Wei Cheng Chou · CEO/ Founder

Wei Cheng Chou

CEO/ Founder

Wei Cheng Chou is the co-founder of InnovArt who handles all aspect of product design and project management.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Transportation Design from the Art Center College of Design, and a Master's in Electrical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University.
Wei's main experience is in electric vehicle design with user and automotive interaction, 3D graphics, and multimedia communication. He hopes to use three skills to integrade technology and intuitive design in everyone's life.

Sarena Yang · UX/ UI Design Lead

Sarena Yang

UX/ UI Design Leadr

Creative problem solving · Design Strategy and planning · Product design · User Experience Design · People Whisperer

Create meaningful product to better our world.

Ability to heal so that I can make sure myself and all my loved ones stay strong and healthy to enjoy life

Janina Kao · Senior Designer

Janina Kao

Senior Designer

Visual Creator · Branding Wiz · Creative Thinking · UI Design · Interaction Design

A place where I can challange myself as a designer.

To have an ability to read people's mind and know what they need that I can design

Alvin Liu · Tech Consultant

Alvin Liu

Tech Consultant

AIoT · System architecture · Project management · Test automation

A team of enthusiastic talents who would like to intergate the user experience, design and technology for creating an enjoyable world.

Make the world a better place for human beings

Raymond Yu · Tech Lead

Raymond Yu

Tech Lead

Sound integrator · Software Engineering · Cloud Architecture · IoT Technology

Wonderful User Experience

A Wizard that can make electronics able to see, hear, and talk.

Mike Tsai · PM

Mike Tsai


Tradeshow leading · Project Management · SW/FW/HW Engineering · Supplier liason · Social Butterfly

The only one company in the world that has the best people and giving me super powers.

The ability to make the world more comfortable and beautiful.

En Ping Hsieh · Software Engineer

En Ping Hsieh

Software Engineer

Software Engineering · Rational Thinker

InnovArt Design is make our world better.

The ability to stop time so I can have more time to see this beautiful planet.