Top 5 “Must Listen To” Podcast For Commuters

Author: BoB


Tell me how long your commute is and I will tell you what podcast to listen to.

In the recent years, podcasts have been a growing trend in the digital audio space. It seems everyone has a podcast or knows of someone who does. However, today we are not here to preach to you to  start your own podcast dream.


Being based in the sunshine state of Los Angeles, California, we too have experienced our fair share of “stop-and-go” traffic. What got us through the hour-long, 9 mile drive on the 405 during rush hour traffic? You guessed it, podcasts! 

The CarWink team believes a commute no matter how long or short, should be made meaningful. Below are the team’s Top 5 “must listen to” podcasts compiled through a democratic voting election:


#1 This American Life

This American Life is a weekly public radio broadcast in which each episode is driven by a particular theme. The hosts takes a journalistic and storytelling narrative in sharing all elements of life. If you love to dig into the details and learn a full story, then this podcast is for you.


#2 Planet Money

Planet Money is NPR’s podcast dedicated to all things money. As the podcast itself describes, the show is like meeting with a friend at a bar and having him or her explain the economy. Take away the graphs and equations, and just enjoy some good old fashion narration. This podcast not only discusses some of the latest and important economic topics, but more importantly, it frames how these issues might affect everyday people.


#3 StartUp

StartUp is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life. Season one of Startup began with an audio documentation of founder Alex Blumberg’s personal entrepreneurial journey and the creation of Gimlet Media. The seasons that followed are a series of documentary style narratives that go into the world of startups and those who are in it. For some of our team members, this was the podcast that started it all.


#4 Stuff You Should Know

This is HowStuffWorks’ podcast is dedicated to explaining, well, how things work. Episodes break down complex diseases and dive into the minds of famous personas like Carl Sagan and Rodney Dangerfield. If you love knowledge and want to impress your friends about what you know, this podcast is for you. As the wise put it, you never stop learning.

#5 Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School is a daily show for everyone who works a regular job and wants to start an income-earning project on the side. In each episode, listeners will hear a different story of someone who's started a side hustle—along with what went well, how that person overcame challenges, and what happened as a result. The show is written and hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books. If you too have a passion or an idea, this might just be the podcast to help you transform your thoughts into action!

Give these podcasts a try and let us know what you think. We hope with this new found audio content, your daily commutes will be a little brighter and interesting.